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Review Of MiO All-In-One Pram & Travel System

By Mum Cerys Clark

Question 1: Would you recommend this to other mums? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: Yes I would recommend. Has everything you need and is very easy to push.


Question 2: How has this product made your life easier? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: Yes it has. I love up a mountain and it's been great with the hills not to heavy and also good on tougher paths etc.


Question 3: What would you rate the product out of 10? 

Answer: I would give this a 9 out 10 only because the handles are a little tricky at times to extend up and down.


Question 4: Are you happy with your baby's comfort with the MiO Pram?

Answer: Yes definitely happy he's always smiling has a good view of me when out walking.


Question 5: How do you rate the new carrycot design? What did you like about it? Features etc.

Answer: I like it, however it would be better if it was slightly raised for colicy or sick babies. It is a little trickier to put together at first instructions could be better.


Question 6: Do you think it will be beneficial for your baby to lie flat after the carrycot mode is no longer required?

Answer: Yes it's always beneficial for a child to be able to lay flat. For comfort and safety.


Question 7: How does this pram compare to others you’ve used?

Answer: I love the fact there is no bar to kick ! All other prams I have tried if in a rush I'd always kick that bloody bar but this one because its so high up you don't kick it at all it's great. The carseat is quit tricky to get onto the frame takes a few seconds as they don't quit line up which is a little frustrating when in a rush, where as other ones I've had slot on straight away no faffing about.

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