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Review Of MiO All-In-One Pram & Travel System

By Mum Debbie Howe

Question 1: Would you recommend this to other mums? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: The Mio travel system is a 3 in 1 travel system that I would definitely recommend to any other parents.
I would recommend this product because it’s an all round great pram / pushchair & car seat in a box for a very good price so, great if you are on a budget! The frame was complete & the wheels easy to pop on.
Once I’d fathomed out how to add the bars to the carrycot (which keeps it more sturdy) it clipped on the frame easily ( I chose parent facing which is optional)we were ready for the test drive! It was a very warm & sunny day, the hood gave excellent coverage & it unzips to allow air flow through with the benefit of a mesh panel. The carrycot was roomy & comfortable & looks beautiful with a pink & white interior. My daughter took a lovely nap she seemed very comfy! It has a lovely smooth feel and a delight to push, the brake system is easy to use & the swivel wheels are lockable. The basket is a decent size & fitted my bags in with all that’s required for my baby & toddler! The car seat is lovely & easily clips on to the frame parent facing. It appeared comfortable my 12 week old was happy & content in this too. Overall a great pushchair for a great price!


Question 2: How has this product made your life easier? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: This product will make traveling easier as it changes from a pram to a pushchair fairly easily ( you have to remove the bars & pram inserts) which if space is limited saves having both the pram & a separate pushchair taking up valuable space! The car seat just clips on so especially on the school run you can just pop the car seat on easily! No waking a sleeping baby! It’s easy to fold & not too bulky. 


Question 3: What would you rate the product out of 10? 

Answer: 8 out of 10 the reason being I found the bars that support the pram system difficult to pop in the holes they popped out twice & did put a little scratch on the outer frame sadly.


Question 4: Are you happy with your baby's comfort with the MiO Pram?

Answer: Overall I am very happy with my babies comfort in the MiO pram. It’s beautifully padded out & very snug. My daughter slept soundly in it! It managed bumps in road well and didn’t disturb baby very much at all.
It’s of a good size bright & airy I’m very happy with the carrycot. Baby is too young for the pushchair as she’s still only 10lbs in weight but it looks very comfortable! I sat my 2 year old in it & she was very happy.


Question 5: How do you rate the new carrycot design? What did you like about it? Features etc.

Answer: I rate the carry cot highly it really looks lovely & it’s very comfortable as it comes with a luxury padded mattress for extra comfort with the added benefit that you can wash it. I like the fact it’s a good size my baby has room to wriggle & the size doesn’t compromise her movement. The carrycot had to be put together which to be honest I found quite tricky & had to enlist some help! When attempting to put the head & foot bars in they kept popping out the holes & poking through the material! I got it all together & the head bar popped out again & scratched the chrome frame in doing so. I managed to get the bars in again & it’s now stayed in place. I feel these should be ready done but would obviously make the carrycot bulky to deliver.
I very much like that the carrycot can be installed on the chassis in parent mode or forward facing. The carrycot has a large canopy which extends when unzipped for those long hot sunny days!! It has a mesh panel in this extension to help air flow to the baby, a very nice touch. Likewise the hood can help keep the cold weather out with the added benefit of the rain cover/weather shield.


Question 6: Do you think it will be beneficial for your baby to lie flat after the carrycot mode is no longer required?

Answer: I do think it’s beneficial for babies to lie flat until around 6 months old. My baby is quite small so will probably lie flat until then roughly! However at 31/2 months she attempting rolling!! When she rolls onto her tummy I would prefer her being in the pushchair in parent facing mode as a personal preference due to keeping an eye on her breathing on the padded mattress! (I’m a mummy of many miscarriages so I have a little anxiety about this)!! The pushchair itself lies fairly flat so this isn’t an issue for me .


Question 7: How does this pram compare to others you’ve used?

Answer: I have had a Graco pushchair 18 years ago! This was a travel system but you couldn’t have parent/forward facing back then but had the clip on off car seat. Pushchairs have come on in leaps & bounds since then! Now we can do one handed folding with lovely compact frames with more modern designs & many more options for colour/materials used etc!
For my last 3 children I have used the Icandy Cherry & Icandy Peach. In comparison features are very similar to the MiO. The carrycot was separate for the Cherry but like the MiO the Icandy Peach is carrycot/pushchair in one. With regards to product build, like the MiO the frame is delivered built & the wheels you put on . You add 2 bars into the carrycot then take out for pushchair mode but these were much easier to do on your own with the Peach . The MiO I needed a 2nd pair of hands & the frame become scratched when the bars popped out. This problem I would suggest requires further improvements ( or delivered ready made) Another small criticism would be the instruction Manuel which didn’t tell you there were holes in the frame behind the material slots where the strengthening bars push into! Took me around 20-30 minutes of huffing & puffing to find these!!
With regards to price my Icandy was twice the price of the MiO so the MiO is excellent value for money as my Icandy package didn’t include the car seat for £1200 but did have the matching bag!

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