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Review Of MiO All-In-One Pram & Travel System

By Mum Jo Meakin

Question 1: Would you recommend this to other mums? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: I would recommend this pushchair to other mums, its very good value for money, it has more handy features then most  premium brands. Its a good looking pushchair and the fabric is lovely, it looks and feels so nice. I will be honest I am a bit of a brand snob and wouldn't have looked twice but this pushchair has shocked me its quickly became one of my favourites. 


Question 2: How has this product made your life easier? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: This pushchair has made life easier due to the very good sized basket fantastic for shopping trips. The one peice fold for quick trips in car or the fact I can take it more apart to get it in my car with all 7 seats up (not all bits in my boot as the grand c max has a very small boot). The good sized hood so not had  to fuss about with a parasol. The no fuss harness although basic is very easy to operate sometimes these are just over engineered and simple is good and practical. The raincover is easy to just chuck on works either way round so no faffing around trying to get ot the right way. 


Question 3: What would you rate the product out of 10? 

Answer: I would rate the Mio 8 out of 10 


Question 4: Are you happy with your baby's comfort with the MiO Pram?

Answer: Willow loves the seat unit, it supports her when shes sitting up and very comfortable when napping as compleatly flat and protected from the elements. Out of all the pushchairs weve had (some expensive ones) she looks most comfortable in this. The seat liner adds a little more comfort too. We haven't tried the apron that came with the pushchair yet as its been strangely warm for the uk. The hood also provides a more comfortable ride for Willow as protects her from the sun and still provides ventilation to keep her cool. 


Question 5: How do you rate the new carrycot design? What did you like about it? Features etc.

Answer: The new carrycot features are my favourite, I love that Willow can use the seat as normal but once asleep I can unclip two clips and shes napping on a flat surface like when in carry cot. I also wish I had this pram when she was suffering from reflux as you can elevate the top of carrycot with the cord behind seat unit if used the carrycot with 5 point harness instead of carrycot insert. The hood also extends to keep wind and sun off baby. 


Question 6: Do you think it will be beneficial for your baby to lie flat after the carrycot mode is no longer required?

Answer: It is definitely beneficial for a baby to lie flat after growing out of a carrycot, its still the best position for a developing spine and helps baby sleep longer waking more rested. 


Question 7: How does this pram compare to others you’ve used?

Answer: As a pram a holic I have had a lot of prams but at the moment I have a cosatto giggle mix. This is a very comparable pushchair as it has very similar features. I will say the mio has a much bigger basket, better for taller parents with the telescopic handle that will suit parents from 5 foot to over 6 foot comfortably. The one design feature I prefer the most is the break, its so nice having it on the side next to wheel as it stops you catching it when walking and is very easy to apply and take off although not officially flip flop friendly it doesn't take much effort to kick up to release. The frame is a little more heavy and you do need to use a little more muscles getting it up curbs but is still  beautiful to push on most terrains. The big chunky wheels are great for light off road tracks and parks. The fold is much better as can be folded in one unit although bigger then if you remove the seat, the seat folds in half to make into a even smaller unit.  The only negative I have is the fake plastic chrome peices where the fold and handle adjusters are could do with being normal plastic as the fake chrome makes it feel a bit cheap as you touch it expecting it to feel different in hand. 

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