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Review Of MiO All-In-One Pram & Travel System

By Mum Sarah West

Question 1: Would you recommend this to other mums? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: I would definitely recommend the pram - it’s really easy to push & I feel like my son is extremely comfortable in it & it looks really nice. We’ve had a few comments asking which pram it is as people think it’s different to the standard prams seen around at the minute. The shopping basket is also a great size to carry bits in when out & about.


Question 2: How has this product made your life easier? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: The mi0 pram system is stylish and ideal for mums that have children at school, the car seat clips straight onto the frame so easy and simple, I would highly recommend this pram as it's good for if your baby is asleep and you don't have to wake them up to move them from car seat to pram.


Question 3: What would you rate the product out of 10? 

Answer: the pram has made life easier as it’s an all in 1 system so there’s no storing a separate carrycot to use the seat unit & it’s been a pleasure to push around comfortably. The hood on the pram has also been great in keeping our son sheltered from the sun & has been sufficient enough to shade him without needing a parasol which has been great.A8


Question 4: Are you happy with your baby's comfort with the MiO Pram?

Answer: Id give this product an 8/10 - the pram is great to push, looks comfortable for baby & is a good size. We didn’t find many flaws, but the negatives would be that the plastic bit on the handle to collapse the pram doesn’t look as good quality as the rest of the pram (it hasn’t broken, but I’m not sure how durable it will be in the long run).

We also struggled to find a changing bag to fit - our main pram has a changing bag that just clips onto the handle on small hooks, we tried another bag which has straps that hook over the handle, but as the handle was thicker on this pram the bag wouldn’t fit & we also tried a bag that clips around the arms of the pram, but it kept sliding down so I ended up carrying the changing bag which can get heavy at times.

The pram is also quite big when folded as the Seat unit doesn’t fold in half - it did fit in the car, but took up quite a bit of space which could be an issue for somebody with a smaller car.

Overall, the design & quality are great and we have really enjoyed using the pram.


Question 5: How do you rate the new carrycot design? What did you like about it? Features etc.

Answer: I liked how spacious the carrycot was & the ability to tilt it slightly if needed as our son doesn’t necessarily like lying flat all of the time. It’s great quality & sturdy and looked very comfortable.


Question 6: Do you think it will be beneficial for your baby to lie flat after the carrycot mode is no longer required?

Answer: We love the way that it can lie flat as a seat & used this option many times when out and about. Babies of all ages tend to fall to sleep every now & then when in their pram and there’s nothing worse than seeing a baby with it’s head dropped to its chest as they’re sat up asleep in their pram so it’s definitely good to have the lie flat option at all ages.


Question 7: How does this pram compare to others you’ve used?

Answer:  Our main pram was purchased as a complete travel system with separate carrycot & Seat unit - I like that this one is a 2-in-1 which saves the messing & storing of the separate pieces.  The handle is wider than others that I’ve come across, making it really easy to push & comfortable when pushing for a long time.H11

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