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By Mother & Baby Magazine (Mum Sarah Hargreaves)

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Review Of MiO All-In-One Pram & Travel System

By Mum Sarah Hargreaves

Question 1: Would you recommend this to other mums? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: The mi0 pram has made my school runs so much easier in and out of the car, you just clip and go, so much easier and more comfortable for the baby.


Question 2: How has this product made your life easier? If yes or no please state why.

Answer: The mi0 pram system is stylish and ideal for mums that have children at school, the car seat clips straight onto the frame so easy and simple, I would highly recommend this pram as it's good for if your baby is asleep and you don't have to wake them up to move them from car seat to pram.


Question 3: What would you rate the product out of 10? 

Answer: This product is a solid 10/10 never had a pram this pleasing to the eye, softness is amazing, the extras you get are amazing.


Question 4: Are you happy with your baby's comfort with the MiO Pram?

Answer: My baby in this pram is like a snug bug in a rug, so comfortable, well packed with soft surrounds, my baby loves it.


Question 5: How do you rate the new carrycot design? What did you like about it? Features etc.

Answer: The carrycot design is amazing, so soft and so easy to manoeuvre on journeys, which I do a lot of..., the extras you get for this is great, clip and go again which is so much easier for mums on the go. Its got a stylish look to it and stylish handles.


Question 6: Do you think it will be beneficial for your baby to lie flat after the carrycot mode is no longer required?

Answer: After the carrycot is no longer needed I do think my baby will still lie flat especially when out on long walks and when they are sleeping, as baby's do a lot of, when this is no longer needed the pram does this anyway, I cannot express how lucky my baby is to have this pram and they will be init until 4 years old, great pram system, I can't fault it. Thankyou so much.


Question 7: How does this pram compare to others you’ve used?

Answer: I have never had a pram that has all these extras and clip and go features, these are amazing also the handle adjusters to your preference is so much easier and simple to use, to get the pram up and down is just a push button that is on the handle which is so good for me being on the move all the time, the colour and design is adorable, my baby looks so peaceful in this pram, this pram came with a rain cover for the carseat and a raincover for the pram, which in England you definitely need, these are so easy to put on, that makes life alone easier, this 3 in 1 pram is the best pram by far that I have had and seen. Highly recommended to any mums out there.

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