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iSafe Mini Pillow - Pillow Only
Baby Maternity Pillow
Vacum Storage Pillow
iSafe Mini Pillow - Pillow Only
iSafe Mini Pillow - Pillow Only

iSafe Mini Pillow - Pillow Only


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Product Description

  • Tested to comply with UK safety standards. 
  • Ultimate comfort for you and your baby, when bottle feeding or breastfeeding.
  • Excellent comfort when sitting or sleeping for mum.
  • Can be used as a neck support.
  • Soft inner filling makes this a very desirable item during and after the pregnancy
    All The Details:

    iSafe Maternity Pillow Is Designed To Give You The Ultimate Comfort For You And Your Baby. 

    Supporting The Back During Pregnancy Is Essential. Your Midwife Or Doctor Will Advise You That Support When There Is Additional Weight On Your Lumbar Region Stops The Potential For Long-term On-going Issues After The Baby Is Born. The Isafe Maternity Pillow Will Help Ease The Pressure That One Might Feel When Sitting Down During The Latter Stages Of Pregnancy. 

    Ultimate Comfort For You And Your Baby, When Bottle Feeding Or Breastfeeding. The Isafe Nursing Pillows Are Designed To Help Parents With Superb Comfort And Convenience Whilst Feeding. It Sits Comfortably Around Your Waist, Fully Supporting Your Baby And Keeping Baby In The Correct Posture. This Will Not Only Put Your Baby In A Comfortable Position. 

    You And Your Baby Deserves The Best! 

    The Isafe Maternity Pillow Will Assist You For Months To Come When You And Your Baby Start Your First Interactions And Those Beautiful First Smiles And "Conversations". The Isafe Maternity Pillow Will Support Your Child To Sit And Support Their Back 

      Dimensions And Weight: 
      • Outer Dimensions: 130cm (Aproxx) 
      • Inner Dimensions: 80cm (Aproxx) 
      • Weight: 900g (Aproxx) 

      Package Contains 
      • X1 Pillow 

      Important! The Pillow Will Be Delivered To You In A Flat Packed Condition Inside A Vacuum Bag, Although The Pillow Will Take Its Original Shape Almost Immediately After Taken Outside The Vacuum Bag, You Should Fluff The Pillow Thoroughly For Best Results.